Project: Music Video
Artist: Dillon Carmichael
Song: Dancing Away With My Heart
Label: RiserHouse Entertainment
Production Company: Wet Paint
Premiere: Apple Music
Broadcast: RollingStone, YouTube
With its title cards and grainy, vintage vibe, the video -- directed by Clay Hassler -- feels like a stylistic cross between Pulp Fiction and Good Fellas. For a time, it appears Carmichael may be winning over the bride herself, but there's more to this romance than first meets the eye.
- RollingStone
Collaborated with Dillon and the RiserHouse creative and marketing teams on concept and story
Wrote first treatment/script with edits and revisions made by RiserHouse creative 
Auditions and casting
Hired choreographer and wardrobe/rehearsed choreography and dress cast
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