Filmed near Herrington Lake in Carmichael's native Kentucky, the clip follows a young boy as he tools around town on his bike, playing cards slapping between the spokes. It's such small pleasures, along with homecoming barbecues, or just cold afternoon soda with friends, that the video celebrates as Carmichael strums his guitar in front of an old gas station.
- RollingStone
Project: Music Video
Artist: Dillon Carmichael
Song: It's Simple
Label: RiserHouse Entertainment
Production Company: Wet Paint
Premiere: RollingStone
Broadcast: CMT, YouTube
Collaborated with Dillon and the RiserHouse creative and marketing teams on concept and story
Wrote first treatment/script with edits and revisions made by RiserHouse creative 
Scouting and casting in Dillon's hometown, Burgin, KY
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