filmed in a real shelter with actual homeless people, HOMELESS tells the story of a teenage boy lost in the bleak and helpless routine of life in a shelter.
he feels alone and anonymous in a seemingly connected world. but when his circumstances change for the better, he finds himself adapting to a new home,
new friends, and looking forward to a future that he hopes will last.



2015 dances with films | winner, grand jury award
2015 florida film festival | nominated, grand jury award
2015 woodstock film festival | nominated, ultra indie award
2015 sarasota film festival
2015 nashville film festival
2015 riverrun international film festival
2015 knoxville film festival
2015 footcandle film festival
2015 heartland film festival
2015 twin cities film festival
2015 homeless film festival
2016 mayday film festival
2016 zlin film festival
2016 full bloom film festival
2016 justice film festival
2016 black nights film festival

HOMELESS is currently screening at colleges and universities across the world. for campus or community screening info, please reach
out to us via our contact page!




is a feature documentary that chronicles the lives and struggles of three african american youth, all born and raised in st. louis, mo, in the days and months before,
during, and after the shooting and death of teenager michael brown. the film is scheduled for release in 2017.